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How to read commands

The commands below have some punctuation that may need explaining. Some commands are followed by a set of <>'s, <> means whatever is inside is required for the command to work. But you leave out the <>'s themselves. So if it says /mute <player>, and you wanted to use it on Steve, you'd need to put /mute Steve in order for it to work. [] means whatever is inside is optional, and the command will work without it. Once again, leave the []'s out of the final command. And finally, a | means OR, which means you have a choice of multiple things to go into the command, but can only choose one. Hope this helps!

Storing Experience

You can now store experience in bookshelves! Store it by right-clicking, retrieve it by left-clicking! However, use at your own risk, as anyone can store/take experience from the bookshelf!

Standard Commands

Item Protection Commads

Any item made protected can only be modified by those who are on the items list. The item cannot be accessed by redstone (unless the tag is on - see below), and cannot be destroyed by those who are not in its list, or even by T.N.T!