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Panda Games

Panda Games is a homemade server being run by a simple college student, Uriah Brown. The idea behind starting up the server was to provide a fun experience for different people to come and play Minecraft together. It slowly began to branch out, becoming bigger, inviting people, getting a Mumble server running, and getting its own website.

Currently, Panda Games is running off of a personal computer, and is given half of the resources. This causes a bit of lag when some games are played, along with downtime whenever the computer has to be moved or updates come in. In the future, the plan is to build a server box just for the Panda Games services. This would minimize downtime to the rare times that the server itself needs moved and would have the services no longer be sharing resources with a game-playing college student. If you would like to donate to the building of the server box, please take the time to click the donate button in the navigation bar above.

The Man Behind the Server

My name is Uriah Brown. I'm a college student going to Shawnee State University for a Bachelors in Business (specifically Information Systems Management). I enjoy creating webpages and web-desgin surprisingly, and it probably comes from being a programmer before a business major. Some of the languages I know fairly well include:

While other languages I am familiar with working on, but do not have extensive knowledge are:

However I am a quick learner if people need me to know more languages.